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Grand Seiko SBGX103 and SBGX059

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing, for my first time, two superb Grand Seiko quartz watches. What you’re looking at here are two of the most accurate watches ever made. In fact, the limited edition is tied for the most accurate watch in the world, but in either case, these watches are rated for
Introduction The Grand Seiko 9F family of quartz movements is arguably the most sophisticated quartz movement ever made. Developed in 1993, even at the time of this writing, 2014, many of its features have not been replicated by the competition. A great quartz movement, like a great mechanical movement, can have a pedigree worth honoring.

SBGR081 & SBGR083 Review

Today it is my privilege to review two beautiful new Grand Seiko models, the SBGR081 and SBGR083. The SBGR083 (former) and SBGR081 (latter) are two new limited edition Seikos commemorating the 100th anniversary of Seiko’s first wristwatch, the 1913 Laurel. Of course, Seiko had been making clocks for quite some time, but like many clock
Today I have the pleasure of reviewing one of the finest watches in the world. I’m supposed to hold my conclusions until the end, but really, once you see it, there’s not much point in waiting. Introduction Although I’ve been very impressed with Grand Seiko models in general, I’m especially pleased to be reviewing the