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New Grand Seiko Models for 2014

Timeless Luxury Watches just finished our visit to Grand Seiko at JCK and we got to play with lots of new models for 2014. Here are our photos and impressions. We’ll start with the most hotly anticipated Grand Seiko in years, the SBGJ005 limited edition. Just 600 of these will be made. The green sunburst

Grand Seiko SBGV005 & SBGV007

I suppose there’s no reason to make you wait until the end of the review for this: these are the best looking 9F Grand Seikos ever made. Grand Seiko is one of the only high end watchmakers that gives as much attention to its quartz movements as it does its automatics–sure, you can buy a
Today we take a quick glance at the STGF075, the very first ladies watch from Grand Seiko ever sold in America. The STGF075 is one of three ladies models coming to the US this year, all featuring the super high accuracy 4J52 quartz movement. This is the only one we have in for photos, but
Girard-Perregaux is a very old and elite Swiss watchmaker.  Today GP watches can and do compete with the biggest names in the business.  GP takes great care to produce everything from the finest traditional dress watches in precious metal all the way to cutting edge haute horology pieces like the award winning Constant Escapement.  With