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Múgatoo Paris is a highly-specialized manufacturer of luxury watch straps. Unlike most strap manufacturers, we do not produce generic straps intended to work on a wide variety of watches. Instead, our approach to strap design is to make each strap perfectly conform to a particular watch case. Every watch selected for strap design gets 3D-scanned, and this information is used to create special inserts that allow each strap to fit just as well as an OEM bracelet.

Múgatoo is also a designer of bespoke straps on behalf of clients. Using our proprietary inserts, we are able to produce straps using an enormous variety of materials (such as stingray and toad), including any choice of color for the strap and/or stitching. Currently, this service is only available for watches that we already produce straps for.

Today, Múgatoo offers four different straps which perfectly fit certain Grand Seikos, including the SBGA011/SBGA211 (Snowflake), SBGA059/SBGA259 (Golden Snowflake), SBGE205, SBGE211, and SBGE249. Owners of these watches can choose between blue nylon, tan calf leather, and blue or grey alligator. Each comes with our signature red interior and an 18mm buckle, which can be easily swapped with an official Grand Seiko buckle (not included). All Múgatoo straps are made in France.


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