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  • Timeless Lambda Limited Edition

    The Timeless Lambda is a limited edition that adds a special blue dial and gold writing to Nomos’ finest model.

    Timeless Lambda Limited Edition Pre-Order Deposit

  • Nomos Lambda 39 Samtschwarz (954)

    Choice at the highest level: Lambda 39 is also available with a darker dial.

  • Nomos Lambda Tiefblau (935)

    Blue-blooded NOMOS Glashütte: The golden timepiece Lambda tiefblau presents time in its finest form.

  • Nomos Lambda Weissgold (933)

    18 kt white gold, finely drawn dial, tempered blue hands—Lambda Weissgold is unusually fine, and strikingly beautiful.

  • Nomos Lambda Weissgold (931)

    Picture perfect—and the quintessence of what NOMOS Glashütte can do: the model Lambda in white gold.

  • Nomos Lambda Rosegold (932)

    Watchmaking pride with a 42-milimeter diameter: Lambda Roségold counts among the best that has ever come from Glashütte.

  • Nomos Lambda Rosegold (930)

    In mathematics, the Greek letter Lambda is a symbol for intrinsic values. At NOMOS Glashütte, it is the name of a highly precise instrument, constructed according to the rules of science and those of the watchmaking craft in the NOMOS workshops.

  • Nomos Lambda 39 (953)

    Craftsmanship at its finest—and with a diameter of 39 millimeters: The gold watch Lambda 39 is unusually fine and strikingly beautiful.

  • Nomos Lambda 39 (952)

    The NOMOS gold watch Lambda 39 combines the finest quality and timeless elegance in a 39-millimeter diameter.

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