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  • Nomos Lux Zobel (942)

    For advanced wrists: Lux Zobel in a deep aubergine and a case from pure rose gold is a timepiece that makes beauty tangible—and masters the fine Glashütte style.

  • Nomos Lux Hermelin (940)

    The golden timepiece Lux Hermelin promises love at first tick. A watch crafted in gray and crème, with a case in rose gold, it is perfect for more refined wrists.

  • Nomos Lux Zikade (941)

    Lemon yellow encased in rose gold: Lux Zikade, with its elegantly curved sapphire crystal glass and 18-karat tonneau case, is flattering on the wrist and eye alike.

  • Nomos Lux Weissgold Hell (921)

    This NOMOS model presents not only the time—hour for hour—but also its wearer with a gentle, peaceful and sage air.

  • Nomos Lux Weissgold (920)

    Lux is Latin for light and luster—and is the name of this wonderful watch.

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