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  • Nomos Tetra 27 Duo 405

    New from NOMOS Glashütte: duo. These elegant, two-hand models are 33 millimeters in diameter—or for Tetra 27 duo, with a side length of 27 millimeters. Perfect for more slender wrists and still highly precise, even without the small seconds. The NOMOS caliber Alpha.2 sets the pace inside.

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  • Nomos Tetra Azura 496

    Blue Monday? No chance! Tetra Azure is the fourth in the Petit Four series, bright and ready for every single day. Whether that brings clouds or a clear summer sky, porridge or cake—or rather, petits fours. A very contemporary color on the dial of the classic Tetra model. The handcrafted NOMOS caliber Alpha is at work reliably within.

  • Nomos Tetra Matcha 495

    Tetra Matcha is undoubtedly eye-catching, although the delicate tea green of the dial is still flattering to the skin. This timepiece is crafted with patience and care, drawing on the long-held watchmaking traditions of Glashütte, Germany. It's a classic, with a fresh touch in this color, but ultimately timeless.

  • Nomos Tetra Grenadine 494

    Tetra Grenadine isn't entirely novel—as its color is inspired by pomegranates. And its not the first beautiful object to feature this shade; pomogranate juice was once used to dye Oriental carpets. Today a fruity-sweet touch graces this watch, dressed with dark red indexes and golden hands. A delight from NOMOS' Glashütte watchmaking workshops.

  • Nomos Tetra Pearl 493

    The cherry on top of the new Petit Four series: Tetra Pearl features golden hands, the finishing touch to its perfectly pretty dial. They are accompanied by indexes in violet; if this Tetra were placed in the window of a Parisian pâtisserie, it would be long gone. The powdery pink of the dial, the slender case on a velour leather strap—it is truly irresistible.

  • Nomos Tetra 27 Champagne 473

    A smaller watch made in the traditions of Glashütte, the Champagne region of the watchmaking world.

  • Nomos Tetra Neomatik 39 Midnight Blue At Work 422

    The midnight blue dial is the perfect backdrop for the green minute markers and neon orange seconds hand.

  • Nomos Tetra Neomatik Silvercut At Work 423

    The square NOMOS classic with a proud diagonal diameter of 46 millimeters, an ultra-thin and highly precise automatic caliber, and a coolly elegant dial in polished silver-gray.

  • Nomos Tetra Neomatik At Work 39 421

    With an edge length of 33 millimeters and cyan blue accents, Tetra neomatik appears extremely sporty and masculine.

  • Nomos Tetra 27 Doctors Without Borders 401.S2

    A limited edition of the smaller Tetra model is also available in support of Doctors Without Borders Germany.

  • Nomos Tetra Nachtijall (490)

    The name of this Tetra with the deep blue dial and gold-plated hands is no coincidence—like a songbird from the Grunewald woods with its fine feathers and Berlin trill, this nightingale (as Nachtijall translates) chirps of new times, golden hours, and the buzz of last night.

  • Nomos Tetra Goldelse (491)

    The elegant one among the Berliners: Tetra Goldelse, shimmering with rose gold and brushed finish, is always confident with its decorative case.

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