Grand Seiko Blue Ceramic Hi-Beat GMT 36000 SBGJ229

As part of 20th anniversary celebrations for Caliber 9S, zirconia ceramic returns in stunning Grand Seiko blue for the Hi-Beat GMT 36000 Limited Edition. Expected July, 2018.







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The Grand Seiko Blue Ceramic Hi-Beat GMT 36000 Limited Edition

The Black Ceramic Models made its debut in 2016. It was the first Grand Seiko series to incorporate zirconia ceramic, a unique material that is seven times harder than stainless steel.

As part of 20th anniversary celebrations for Caliber 9S, zirconia ceramic returns in stunning Grand Seiko blue for the Hi-Beat GMT 36000 Limited Edition. Never before has the color of this resilient material been so vibrant. The remarkable scratch resistance and durability of zirconia ceramic means that this watch will retain its pristine beauty for many, many years to come.

Design in the Grand Seiko blue

The blue design motif resonates through every element of the watch. Complementing the subtly patterned dial in Grand Seiko blue are the blue indexes and tempered steel 24-hour hand. The bracelet and case are also executed with blue ceramic elements.

A special monogramed pattern

The dial carries the brand monogram, GS, and the caliber name, 9S, repeated in a pattern that radiates out from the center. The dial has a softly textured feel that adds warmth to the whole design.

Blue markers

The hour markers are in blue but their surfaces are coated in LumiBrite to create a nuanced accent to the dial. The hour and minute hands have Grand Seiko’s characteristic sharp edges and are also accented with LumiBrite to ensure visibility in any light conditions, day or night.

GMT hand

The GMT hand is in blue tempered steel, but, to ensure legibility of the time on the 24 hour scale, has a red arrow-head tip inset with LumiBrite.

Blue oscillating weight with an emblem

Even the oscillating weight, visible though the sapphire case back, is in blue, thanks to an anodic oxidation process applied to the titanium section. The Grand Seiko lion emblem is in 18k gold, set into the oscillating weight.

Titanium and ceramic in harmony

The case and the bracelet are constructed from high-intensity titanium and blue zirconia ceramic. The strength of the ceramic parts is balanced by lightness of the titanium to ensure that the watch is supremely comfortable to wear. Because of its light weight and its superior water resistance, the inner case is also made of titanium.

The Hi-beat GMT 9S86 caliber joins the ceramic series for the first time

Grand Seiko "Special" standard

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Caliber 9S, the 9S86 hi-beat caliber is used and it is specially adjusted to meet the Grand Seiko "Special" standard accuracy of +4/-2 seconds a day.

The oscillating weight, durable against shock resistance

Behind the sapphire case back, titanium and tungsten combine in the oscillating weight to resist distortion even when the watch is subjected to shock. The titanium section of the weight is treated with an anodic oxidation* process that creates a new, rich and vivid blue that complements the Grand Seiko blue of the ceramic and the dial.


In recognition of the watch’s superior accuracy, the name "SPECIAL" appears at the 6 o’clock position on the dial.







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