Múgatoo Paris B6.4 Black Leather Strap

A beautifully-made black leather strap is the perfect way to dress up your Grand Seiko.


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    Categories: Múgatoo Paris, Type 4
    Tags: Watch Strap

    Múgatoo Paris is a highly-specialized manufacturer of luxury watch straps. Unlike most strap manufacturers, we do not produce generic straps intended to work on a wide variety of watches. Instead, our approach to strap design is to make each strap perfectly conform to a particular watch case. Every watch selected for strap design gets 3D-scanned, and this information is used to create special inserts that allow each strap to fit just as well as an OEM bracelet.

    The watches in the gallery of this strap are not included with purchase of the strap, but are merely illustrations of what the strap looks like on various compatible watches.

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