Oris Artelier Dexter Gordon LE – 01 733 7721 4083 – Shopworn

Long tall Dex.

$1,900.00 $1,235.00

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Oris and jazz go back many years, and the company’s limited edition jazz-inspired watches have become collector’s favourites. Oris is delighted to announce a watch made to remember one of the 20th century’s greatest jazz musicians, Dexter Gordon.


Timeless Luxury Watches prides itself in selling only the finest watches. Unfortunately, due to frequent handling of a watch in our inventory over the period of a year or more, watches almost always suffer minor wear. Examples of this wear are cosmetic flaws, like hairline scratches, and do not affect timekeeping or reliability. When Timeless has a specific watch that is older than a year with minor visible wear, we classify it as “shopworn.”
Shopworn watches are available at significant savings over new versions of a watch and have the full manufacturer’s warranty. Shopworn watches are never pre-owned. However, shopworn watches do not qualify for the Timeless extended 5 year warranty, and shopworn watches are never eligible for return or exchange, at any time or for any reason.





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