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Ressence Type 1B Slim

The Ressence Type 1 Slim is a new version of the classic design that made Ressence a modern legend.





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Pre-Order Deposit Amount: $5000

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Those seeking facts might note that each TYPE 1 Slim comprises 212 components, assembled by our dedicated team of master watchmakers. Those seeking feeling will notice the TYPE 1’s visual balance of simplicity and complexity, one that ensures its aesthetic only continues to enrich over the years. The Japanese call this deceptively understated balance SHIBUI.


At the heart of a RESSENCE watch is ROCS, or the Ressence Orbital Convex System. Our patented 3 dimensional complication is the result of years of planning, prototyping and pushing boundaries. The purpose is a more efficient way of telling time. Information is displayed on a single surface, much like words on a piece of paper, making for improved readability.


The convex discs displaying hours, minutes, seconds and days of the week may be seen as the dial on a traditional watch but are actually the ROCS’s bridges of the TYPE 1 Slim. Following our organic design philosophy, the discs have a 125mm radius sphere shape and require specific know-how and tools to be produced.





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