Timeless Lambda Limited Edition

The Timeless Lambda is a limited edition that adds a special blue dial and gold writing to Nomos’ finest model.






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    Timeless Luxury Watches is proud to announce a (very) limited edition of 8 pieces to commemorate Timeless' 8th anniversary.  For this special occasion we have used an equally special watch, the Nomos Lambda.



    The Lambda is one of only two high-end Nomos watches available today, the other being the tonneau Lux. Our limited edition makes a number of changes to the original Lambda. For one thing, the Ref. 954's black dial was replaced with a dark matte blue one. Blue has long been our favorite color for limited editions, so it was a natural choice for this model.



    To create a pleasing contrast with this new blue dial, we replaced the white writing with gold-colored writing. We also translated the power reserve writing to English, which is a bit more consistent with the MADE IN GERMANY writing at 6:00.



    Here we can see the Lambda's most distinctive feature, its enormous power reserve subdial. Nomos used this design for two reasons, the first of which was to show off their impressive 84 hour power reserve, but the second was to make the watch distinctively Nomos, setting it apart from models like the Calatrava or Patrimony. Nomos has always had an interest in creating avant-garde power reserves, as can be seen with models like the Tangente Gangreserve, a tradition the Lambda continues.



    Although slightly larger than what we normally use, the 39mm rose gold case is a versatile size for a contemporary dress watch, and we're especially pleased with its 9.1mm thickness.



    You can find the only Timeless branding subtly placed on the back of the watch, but you probably won't notice it because your attention will be placed on the beautiful DUW 1001 movement.



    The DUW 1001, alongside the closely related DUW 2002, is currently Nomos' only high-end movement. This thin manual winding movement features classically German design, including a beautiful 3/4 plate with sunbeam polishing.



    In addition to its great 84 hour power reserve, over twice that of the average watch, you can find gold chatons and hand-beveled edges. Beneath this plate resides the 1001's dual mainsprings, the source of a power reserve that basically doubles that of most Nomoses.



    The balance cock is also hand-engraved, and above it you'll find a swan neck regulator, a design reserved for Nomos' best movements. Furthermore, the balance wheel has screws in it, giving it a more classic appearance as opposed to the smooth balance wheel used in the vast majority of other Nomos movements.



    The Timeless Lambda is a limited edition of just 8 total watches, one for each year Timeless has been in business. Each 39mm rose gold watch is priced at $17,000, exactly the same price as the regular production version of the watch.






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