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A Look at 4 Rare Grand Seikos

Today we have the rare privilege of looking at 4 very special Grand Seikos that we almost never see. Going clockwise, we have the SBGJ225, SBGH025, SBGH031 and SBGL019. This order will be consistent, but keep in mind that these images aren’t to scale. These are all prototypes that have made their way to various

Timeless Blood Drive Recap!

Timeless Blood Drive Thanks to everyone who came out for our very first blood drive and collaboration with Carter BloodCare! Combined we collected 36 pints of blood, exceeding our goal by 11 pints! Participation was excellent with over 80 people coming to Timeless for the event to either donate, see if they were eligible to
Our Tudor Photos from Baselworld 2018!   We might as well start with perhaps the single most popular watch at Baselworld 2018, the Black Bay GMT. I particularly like the snowflake GMT hand—it has no real historical underpinning within Tudor, and yet it looks like it’s always been there. Tudor has pretty much mastered the
Our Nomos Photos from Baselworld 2018! Check out our Nomos Baselworld pre-order page here to learn more about individual models. These “Updates” (I can’t decide if that’s a great or a terrible name) are probably my favorite new Nomoses this year, given that I’m a boring traditionalist. I particularly like the Orion—the date just looks massive on