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  We’re finally here. After many years at our past location (and one even prior to that, likely before we had met most of you), we’ve built out first store from the ground up. As it is with watch movements, there’s a lot you can do with modules and modifications, but when you want to
FIVE YEAR WARRANTY ON EVERY NEW WATCH Timeless Luxury Watches is proud to offer a five year warranty on every new watch. Watch collectors can now experience unprecedented confidence in every purchase. HOW IT WORKS Starting August 1st, 2018, every new watch sold at Timeless Luxury Watches will carry a five year warranty. Take this
Timeless Luxury Watches is moving to a new home! On August 1st, 2018, you can find us at our beautiful new storefront in Legacy West, or more specifically, 7301 Windrose Ave, Suite C100, Plano, TX 75024!  We thought it’d be fun to let everyone in on the development of the store as it nears completion,
Nomos just added two new summer-friendly options to their growing collection of Ahoi and Club watches. The Ahoi line was, from the very beginning, designed to be a swimming and beach watch, whereas the Club only recently became familiar with the sea. They aren’t quite dive watches in the traditional sense, and yet, they need