Every New IWC from Watches & Wonders 2020

As it is with every year, IWC chose to update a single line of watches, and this time it happened to be my personal favorite, Portuguese, or as IWC would prefer it, Portugieser. Join us as we explore every new model released thus far. You can also see, and pre-order, every new model right here.

There’s no better place to start than with the Portugieser Automatic, now in 40mm. The Portuguese collection has generally been quite large in diameter, and that was an intentional choice from day 1, but this new 40mm version, down appreciably from the 42mm, creates a new option for those who prefer more mid-sized watches. For myself, 40mm is just about the perfect size, so this is an especially welcome addition.


At least initially, the Portugieser Automatic 40 (Ref. 3583) is available in four versions. My favorites, are, of course, the IW358303 (steel case and gold accents) and the IW358304 (steel case with blue accents). Regardless of which version you choose, they’re powered by the 82200 movement, a high-end calibre from IWC that includes its famous Pellaton winding system and a free sprung balance.

IW500713 Boutique Edition

Of course, the 42mm Portugieser Automatic that you know and love (and my favorite IWC of all) is back with two new versions. The first is this new Boutique Edition, with a lovely contrast between blue and gold.


A far bolder addition is the new IW500714 with a burgundy dial. Unlike its slightly smaller 40mm counterparts, these 42mm models have vastly larger power reserves, 7 days versus 60 hours.


That new burgundy dial is also available in the Portugieser Chronograph, which receives three new versions. These are slightly smaller than the 42mm Automatic models at 41mm.

W371614 Boutique Edition

That blue dial from the Portuguese Automatic is also available here in another Boutique Edition.


What isn’t replicated is this lovely emerald-colored IW371616. All of them are powered by the excellent 69355 calibre, a column wheel chronograph that, thankfully, skips the date complication.


What would an IWC release be without some haute horology. Dutifully, IWC released two Portugieser Tourbillon Retrograde Chronographs, featuring a great variety of complications. What is bluntly obvious is the tourbillon, of course, but less obvious is the retrograde date (not a power reserve) at 9:00, a rare and underrated complication.

IW394005 Boutique Edition

Continuing the theme, a Boutique Edition in blue is also available.

IW504504 Boutique Edition

The same is true for the most exotic release from IWC, the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon, although I think I prefer the weirder asymmetry of the retrograde version.


For those who want all of the complications, you not only get the eponymous, and wildly impressive, perpetual calendar and tourbillon, but also a power reserve complication, showing off its incredible 7 day length.

But you can have complex IWCs without the haute horology look too, like the new Portuguese Perpetual Calendar models.


Take this new Perpetual Calendar, for instance. You get, of course, a perpetual calendar complication, but in a reasonably discreet, dressy package. I dare say these perpetual calendars are downright everyday-wearable, especially a relatively normal 42.4mm diameter.

IW344205 Boutique Edition

It’s also available in gold and in the obligatory Boutique Edition, but my favorite is the steel case. One reason is that I just like steel watches because I think they look good and they’re easy to maintain, but more specifically, it’s relatively hard to find high-end complications in steel these days, so every option I find I’m thankful for.

While most Portugieser models trend towards the dressy, the Yacht Club provides a sporty, casual flair for fans of the line.


The Yacht Club, as its name suggests, is a nautically themed collection, but far more casual than the hardcore divers you find in the Aquatimer collection, or in perhaps a Submariner or Planet Ocean. No, models like this two-tone are far more relaxed stylistically.


It’s also available in a fetching blue dial, but my favorite is, predictably, the blue-on-silver dial. In any case, you get an 89361 calibre inside, and that matters because these are all flyback chronographs. All three are 44mm.

By far the most interesting of the Yacht Clubs, however, is this new Moon & Tide.


This watch, in addition to the date and moon phase, can tell you the expected time for the next high and low tide, and unlike the other blue and gold models above, doesn’t seem to be a boutique version. Like the other Yacht Clubs, its on the large side at 44mm, but it’s probably worth it for the good looks and interesting complications.

My favorite new IWC of all this year? The simple, yet refined, IW358304.

You can learn more, or pre-order, all of these (sans the boutique-only models, of course) in our Latest IWC section right here.

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