Grand Seiko on bracelet versus strap

Today we take a quick glance at what happens when we take black dialed Grand Seikos and switch Seiko’s bracelet for an OEM crocodile strap.


We’ll start with a beautiful new black dial that actually comes on strap, but includes the famous 5 link bracelet in the box.

When you order your SBGV011, we can switch it to the bracelet and size it for you before it gets there, or you can leave it on the great strap. It’s amazing what a difference the bracelet makes in making the watch more sporty.


Likewise, the SBGV007 is really dressed up on the strap.

Even though the SBGV007 is dressier on the great OEM croc strap, the SBGV011’s smaller size and less edgy case definitely give it the advantage in dressiness.

Conversely, even on a bracelet, the SBGV007 has the edge on the 011 in sportiness.


The watch that really surprised me was the SBGR053 automatic. This is the watch that really ought to come at least with the option of the strap, but of course, you can order one with it and we’ll put it on for you.

Final Thoughts

Just some interesting food for thought if you’re thinking of ordering the SBGV009 or 011, which comes with both a strap and bracelet, or even a Grand Seiko that only comes on bracelet. Grand Seiko’s OEM croc straps are extremely nice, as is the included buckle, so this is a great way to add diversity in your collection without buying two watches.

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