Grand Seiko Releases a New Hi-Beat GMT and 3 New Quartz Models!

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Last night Grand Seiko followed up its recent SBGJ239 with a new SBGJ237. Like the SBGJ239, it features an unusual GMT bezel that has more night than day, and that allows it to track up to three time zones (one via the main hands, including an independent hour hand, a second via the GMT hand, and a third via the bezel) making it one of the best Grand Seikos ever for travelers. 

Setting it apart from the SBGJ239 its gorgeous dark blue dial and bezel, a color I strongly associate with Grand Seiko, although the 237’s green dial isn’t bad either. While they both feature Grand Seiko’s excellent Hi-Beat GMT movement, this SBGJ237 is slightly more expensive, which I suspect is due to the fact that it comes on bracelet instead of a strap. Both are 44mm, however, relatively large for a GS.


Grand Seiko also released a trio of new 9F85 quartz-powered watches, the SBGP009, SBGP011, and the SBGP013 in order of appearance. While these aren’t GMT watches, they do all feature independent hour hands, making them nonetheless convenient for frequent travelers, somewhat comparable to Omega’s 8500 or 8900 movements in this regard. 

All three of these are sized quite reasonably at 40mm, and priced affordably at $2,600. This makes them significantly more affordable than the last trio of quartz we got (the SBGP001, SBGP003, and SBGP005), to the tune of $600 each. There are some slight differences though, such as the use of a more sporty and angular case in the earlier three, the more complex 5-link bracelet, and the presence of a blued hand on the comparable champagne-colored SBGP001 vs the new SBGP009, although which you like more comes down only to preference, not to any inherent advantage to the more expensive models.

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