Lundis Bleus: Now at Timeless Luxury Watches

Timeless is very proud to introduce you to our newest brand partner, Lundis Bleus. Lundis Bleus, French for Blue Mondays, is a small independent brand formed between watchmakers Johan Storni and Bastien Vuilliomenet, who perform the majority of the watchmaking process themselves. Their specialty is beautiful grand feu dials and the use of natural materials.

The name Blue Mondays refers, apparently, to an old Swiss watchmaking tradition where highly-established watchmakers would sometimes enjoy extended weekends, taking Mondays off at will, presumably for drinking and merriment. This was something of a symbol of the independence of these watchmaker as they were able, to some extent, to create their own schedules. Thus, the Lundis Bleus logo was born from this tradition as well, as it’s a stylized form of the molecular shape of alcohol.

Lundis Bleus, more than any other watch brand that I’m aware of, is obsessed with dial making. These two watchmakers focus on producing dials from materials that range from burgundy vitreous enamel to aventurine glass, each of which produce rich, complex designs merely in virtue of the material itself.

These are often kiln-fired enamel dials and produced in very limited numbers. The list of materials they use for dials is quite long and exotic, and I encourage you to go through their models and explore.

Here’s such a kiln-fired enamel dial, produced via the traditional grand feu process of enameling from a special mix of six shades of vitreous enamels. Both the color and texture are quite fascinating.

This dial, conversely, was made simply from polished onyx, in some ways the ultimate minimalist material.

And this one is made from a dark aventurine glass, with its characteristic shimmering, reminiscent of a starry sky.

They don’t allows always a material to speak for itself, of course. They’re also capable of fine engraving.

The case back on Lundis Bleus watches is quite interesting as well, featuring their logo. Most of the time this display back is simply clear, but in some models you can find red or blue backs instead. The movement is one of the few things that Lundis Bleus doesn’t make, which is a Sellita SW300-1 Premium.

One of the things that’s so amazing about Lundis Bleus is the pricing. Despite these wonderful dials made from exotic materials in a tiny shop, many models start at $3,500. Of course, we can’t cover every single model here, so we invite you to see their entire collection by clicking this link or the malachite dial above. You’ll be amazed at the incredible variety of dials they’ve got to offer.

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