National Breast Cancer Foundation Nomos Club Campus

The NBCF Nomos Club Campus

The NBCF Nomos Club Campuses are two new Club Campus models created by a collaboration between the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Timeless Luxury Watches, and Nomos Glashütte. The NBCF is an amazing organization dedicated to providing help to people affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support. A portion of the proceeds from each watch goes to the NBCF for fighting breast cancer, one of the most common and aggressive forms of cancer in the world.

The NBCF and Timeless worked together to design a watch that features the color pink, a color that has come to symbolize the cause of breast cancer awareness. But rather than simply creating a solid pink dial, we wanted to incorporate pink into the design in a more subtle way.

The first of the NBCF Club Campuses is this, the 36mm 708.S2. It features a beautiful white silver-plated dial, but with a few subtle changes over the original. The most obvious of which, of course, is the new pink seconds hand.

The numerals, both Arabic and Roman, have a thin line of pink surrounding them as well, a subtle touch that must be appreciated up close. Finally, at least for the front of the watch, the “Made in Germany” writing has been replaced by “Have Hope.”

Our larger 38.5mm model, the 736.S2, contrasts a light pink seconds hand against a dark blue dial. Light blue minute markers adorn the outer edge of the dial, and a silver outline surrounds the hour markers.

The pink accents may be fewer on the larger NBCF Club Campus, but the contrast from the blue dial focuses the attention on the pink seconds hand, making it the bolder of the two.

The solid case back prominently features the logo of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a tree branch. While the pink ribbon has become a universally recognized symbol for breast cancer, this tree branch symbolizes the NBCF itself. This image comes from a tree branch that the founder of the NBCF, Janelle Hail, saw outside her window following her own treatment for breast cancer. The tree, which had only a single, but bright, red leaf remaining, inspired Janelle to say “I want to be like that leaf, brilliant until the end.” Today, the symbol of the NBCF stands for life, growth, and hope for the future.

A solid case back was chosen to give us a place for this symbol, but also to create space for custom engraving for those who wish to leave a message for the recipient.

Inside each of the new Club Campuses is the modified Alpha movement that we love, a thin and beautiful hand-wound that’s been updated with Nomos’ in-house swing system.

The NBCF Club Campuses are new full production additions to the Club Campus collection and will be available this month. The price for these models is identical to that of the regular Club Campuses they are derived from, $1,500 for the 36mm version and $1,650 for the 38.5mm. They will be arriving March 2019.

Please click here to pre-order the 36mm white dial NBCF Nomos Club Campus or click here to pre-order the 38mm blue dial NBCF Nomos Club Campus.

Buying a watch isn’t the only way to support the NBCF. Please click here to donate to the NBCF or find other ways to help.

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