New Aquis Date with Cal. 400 Movement!

Oris just released one of the most important watches in the brand’s more than one hundred year history, the new Aquis Date! At first glance, this might not seem like much more than a great-looking refresh of their popular line of Aquis dive watches, but it’s what’s under the hood that makes this watch so interesting.

But before we get to the new movement, let’s take a look at this gorgeous dial. Oris has opted for a lovely blue sunburst, somewhat reminiscent of their popular Source of Life LE. It’s the perfect color for the watch. We see that the date remains at 6:00, but the applied marker has been omitted in favor of luminescent dot, presumably because the location of the date has changed in the underlying Cal. 400. Naturally, Oris takes the space it used to occupy as an opportunity to brag about its 5-day power reserve on the dial.

The watch also receives a matching blue ceramic bezel, although keep in mind that this is just the first (in all probability) of a collection of new Aquis Date models, so knowing Oris we’ll find dozens of different colors to choose from in a couple years. That said, I love this blue combination, and I think it will likely remain the one to get even when there are numerous future options. The case, at least judging from photos, hasn’t changed much, and at 43.5mm remains on the large side.

Of course, the reason why you’re really here is to see the first watch with Oris’ new Cal. 400. I already wrote a little introduction to the movement here, so if you want to get a more in-depth look at it check that article out after you’re done with this one. Oris has a lot of reason to be excited for the new 400, although it’s not their first in-house movement. This one, however, has basically nothing in common with its existing line of in-house movements (the Cal. 11X), which were almost exclusively devoted to extraordinarily long power reserves and wild dial layouts.

While the new 400 also has an extremely long 5-day power reserve, it does it in a different way, thanks to using dual mainsprings instead of a single enormous one. There are other important improvements as well, like the fact that, due to the materials used, it’s much more resistant to magnetism than most other movements. Perhaps most impressive of all is its new 10-year service interval, and matching 10-year warranty. The Cal. 400, in other words, is not merely in-house just for the sake of saying it’s in-house, it’s a unique offering that improves the watch.

The new Oris Aquis Date models are $3,500 on bracelet and $3,300 on rubber. Personally, I’d get it on bracelet for the nominal $200 increase. You can pre-order it on bracelet here or on rubber here, and don’t forget to check out my short introduction to the Cal. 400 here to learn more about the movement.

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