New Omega Aqua Terra Ultra Light!

Omega just released a wild new Aqua Terra, the new Ultra Light. As the name would imply, this model is aimed at being as light as possible and is intended to be worn by athletes, specifically professional golfers.

Apparently, the entire watch weighs 55 grams. Compare this with the famously light Grand Seiko Snowflake, which weighs 100 grams.

To do this, Omega used a variety of tricks. The case, is of course, titanium, but it’s a special alloy, apparently from the aerospace industry, called “gamma titanium.” Gamma titanium is a mixture of titanium and aluminum which is even lighter than regular titanium. The only thing not made from titanium, it seems, is the ceramic bezel.

The dial, too, is made from titanium, although it retains the horizontal lines that distinguish the current Aqua Terra from other Seamasters. It’s available with red, blue, and green accents.

The most impressive part, however, is the new 8928 Ti movement, Omega’s first movement made from titanium. Better yet, it’s hand wound, and features a 72 hour power reserve.

Another interesting feature is what Omega is calling a “push-in crown.” The crown can be pushed into the case of the watch, flush with it, to keep from interfering with hand and wrist movement. This is not done by screwing the crown down, which would be a burden on a hand wound watch, but rather, simply pushing it directly into the case. It can be pulled out for setting or winding afterwards.

As I mentioned above, the Aqua Terra Ultra Light (or, as I call it, the ATUL) will be available early 2020. Omega is pricing these Aqua Terras far above the ordinary 8900 models, as all three are $48,600.00. Please click on one of the watches below to see more.

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