New Omega James Bond Limited Edition Preview

Omega just released their latest James Bond-inspired watch, this time based on the new Seamaster Diver 300M. I wrote a review of the non-limited edition version of this watch, so if you want to learn more about this model in general, please click here to read that.

If you’re an Omega or a James Bond fan, you’re doubtless already familiar with the fact that the two legends frequently interact, with a number of James Bond-inspired LEs already having been made since the two first met in 1995. Indeed, that first Bond Omega was a Seamaster Professional for GoldenEye, the direct ancestor to today’s limited edition.

Like most other Seamaster Diver 300Ms, it has a 42mm steel case and ceramic bezel.

One thing that helps the case of the LE stand out from other Seamasters is the use of a gold plate on the side which displays the limited edition number. There will be 7,007 of the made.

One of the more obvious ways in which Omega connects the Seamaster to Bond’s heritage is a rifled dial, made from ceramic, inspired by the iconic gun barrel sequence, and certainly one of the coolest elements of the watch. Also note the 12:00 hour marker, which resembles the chevron on the Bond coat of arms.

Other changes abound, including the 007-inspired date numeral. The accents are gold, perhaps an homage to the Bond coat of arms, which also has gold accents.

Most interesting is the hidden 50 in the 10:00 marker’s lume, which is a reference to the 50th Anniversary of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

On the back we find the Bond family coat of arms on sapphire. Beneath that is the 8800 Master Chronometer, a highly sophisticated anti-magnetic movement. If you’d like to learn more about the 8800, and how it differs from the 8900, please read my review here.

The box it comes in is unique too, and if you look carefully, you can also see that it comes with a steel bracelet, which is a big plus.

The new Bond LE ( is $6,500, compared to the ordinary non-LE price of $5,200, found on the (black dial, steel case and bracelet). It’s worth remembering that it the new limited edition comes with both the bracelet and rubber strap, in addition to gold accents like the plate on the side.

Still, the James Bond Limited Edition model is likely for the the area of a Venn diagram where Omega fans intersect James Bond fans. Those who aren’t interested in James Bond can save a not-inconsiderable amount of money by getting one of the many regular production models. Conversely, if you do happen to be a hardcore James Bond fan, and there are many, this would be a great choice as it’s one of the best Bond Omegas yet.

Please click here to pre-order your own James Bond limited edition watch.

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