New Omega Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy!”

The Speedmaster, easily one of the most iconic watches ever made, received a very cool, and surprisingly interesting, new version today in the form of the Silver Snoopy Award (310. This lovely blue-on-silver watch has many more surprises in store than the Snoopy at 9:00.

The Silver Snoopy Award is given to NASA employees or contractors for “outstanding performance, contributing to flight safety and mission success,” and Omega received their coveted award on October 5th, 1970, primarily for the Speedmaster’s role in Apollo 13. This watch honors that date with this new 50th Anniversary edition, and it really takes the “Silver Snoopy” concept to the extreme to create a very unique, and surprisingly playful, interpretation of the historically dead-serious Speedmaster Moonwatch.

We see one of the first ways in which this is taken quite literally, as the dial is made from silver, and it wouldn’t be an interesting Omega dial if they didn’t engrave it right on there, so you’ll find Ag925 very subtly engraved right above the axis of the hands. The silver gives the dial a white appearance, which contrasts quite nicely with the dark blue accents, including the ceramic bezel ring.

Beauty isn’t skin deep, though, thanks to the gorgeous 3861, a modern version of the movements that historically powered the Speedmaster. This gorgeous hand-wound chronograph (such a rarity these days) features as much heritage from its predecessors as was technically possible, while including the latest Omega timekeeping designs, like a free sprung balance, silicon hairspring, and co-axial escapement. As such, it maintains both a direct connection to the Speedmaster of the past without giving up the performance of a modern Omega, and, consequently, it’s able to be certified as a Master Chronometer.

By far my favorite element is this “animated” case back. Here we see Snoopy in his Command and Service Module. When the chronograph is running, Snoopy takes a trip behind the moon and in front of the Earth, which rotates on its access. I love playful designs like this and it’s the kind of little secret (the rest of the world can’t see it when it’s worn, after all), that brings some joy to an industry that can become altogether too serious.

Perhaps the most surprising thing of all about the Silver Snoopy is that it’s not a limited edition. The 42mm watch, instead, seems to be a regulation production watch, and is expected later this month for $9,600. You can click on any of the images above to be taken to our Silver Snoopy information page.

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