New Oris ProPilot & Aquis Watches

Oris announced two new watches this week, interestingly from two different lines, Aquis and ProPilot. While they’re entirely unrelated, I think that both are going to be defined by their dial color, as it’s what really sets them apart from their fellow collection members. Let’s start with the ProPilot, if only because there aren’t an especially great number of photos of the Aquis to look at yet.

The ProPilot is called the TLP (for Tactical Leadership Programme), so-named because it’s in partnership with NATO’s pilot training school based out of Spain. I don’t know much about military flight schools, but the watch certainly looks the part.

That’s thanks mainly to its dark green dial, a color long associated with the military, but in this instance it’s apparently based on the color of TLP’s flight overalls. The beige writing, again somewhat reminiscent of military camo, also comes from TLP’s logo. Regardless, its military inspiration will be readily apparent to anyone that sees it, even if they know nothing about elite flight schools (like myself).

The 44mm case, already quite familiar to tool watch fans, is made that much more aggressive with a matte grey coating, intended to reduce glare off of the watch. Regardless of whatever practical utility it may have, it definitely adds to the model’s military appeal.

Also interesting is the fact that the watch comes in a second version, the TLP Graduate Edition. This version is identical to the first, except that it can only be purchased by those graduating from the TLP. On the back of each Graduate Edition will be the graduate’s name, program year, and limited edition number.

While ostensibly aimed at people who have some affiliation to the TLP, I think fans of Oris pilot’s watches that are looking for a more aggressive military look will also find it appealing. The new Oris ProPilot TLP is a limited edition of 750 pieces and costs $2,400. You can pre-order yours here.

Unfortunately, not many photos are available to me yet of the second watch Oris released, this new Oris Aquis Date, AKA the Aquis Cherry. This 41.5mm diver’s standout feature is its bold new dial color, a dark red sunburst that I would describe as something of a merlot. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it looks quite nice.

Elsewhere it’s an ordinary Aquis Date, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s one of the brand’s most popular watches, and I particularly like the rough finish on the bezel here. While this model doesn’t come with the new Oris Cal. 400, it’s also a lot more affordable than those models at $2,300, about $1,200 less than the 01 400 7763 4135-07 8 24 09PEB (the blue model with the 400). You can pre-order yours here if the color strikes you just right.

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