New Presage Cocktail Time Watches!

Seiko Presage just released two new versions of its iconic Cocktail Time line of watches, a series inspired by drinks served at the Star Bar, a short walk from the famous Wako.

While both of these watches are inspired by forms of green tea, the first, the SRPF41, is more specifically inspired by the Star Bar cocktail “Raku.” The color and impressive texture are based on matcha (green tea powder), and are said to represent the feel of Kyoto, apparently famous for its green tea.

The other watch, the SRPF43, is instead inspired by another form of green tea, hojicha. Hojicha is also made from green tea leaves, but in this instance the leaves are tightly rolled and slowly roasted. The resulting tea is said to have a naturally sweet taste combined with smoky flavors. In this case, the hojicha is used in the preparation of the Star Bar “Hou” cocktail.

Dials and hands aside, both watches enjoy identical cases and movements. The simple and elegant steel case is tastefully sized at 38.5mm and 11.8mm thick, a nice choice for an everyday watch.

Both are powered by the 4R35 automatic, a reliable automatic movement with date and viewable via a display back.

The SRPF41 and the SRPF43 are limited editions of 7,000 pieces and are priced very reasonably for a Presage limited edition at just $480 a piece. Either would make a great weekend watch, although they’re subtle enough to be worn every day. The textured dial is quite beautiful and they have a fun backstory that can make for some light conversation. Click on either watch above to learn more.

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