New Prospexes & Presages for 2020!

Seiko just released four new Prospexes and two new Presages for 2020! Let’s take a look at the Prospexes first, all of which are homages to the famous 62MAS, Seiko’s very first dive watch, released 55 years ago. For more information, you can see all of the latest Prospex models here, and all of the latest Presage models here!


The first watch we’ll look at, the $1,200 SPB143, is perhaps the most faithful recreation of the 62MAS, thanks to its matching gray dial and subdued accents. Like the rest of the watches we’ll look at, it comes in at a fairly restrained 40.5mm size, surprising given some of the brands other recent offerings.


The SPB145, also priced $1,200, is identical except it features a brown dial and what seems to be a slightly different color of lume. As is the case with the other Prospexes today, it’s powered by a 6R35 automatic.


The SPB147 is not only the most affordable offering of this release at $1,000, but perhaps also the most interesting, thanks to its unique yellow-accented bezel matching its gold dial accents, in addition to its slightly more saturated brown dial.


The SPB149 is probably my favorite of the four, and that’s a bit of an issue because not only is it the most expensive at $1,350, but it’s also a limited edition Fortunately, they’re making 5,500 of them, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. It’s certainly the most modern of the four, with its blue dial and gold accents.


Not to be left out, Prospex’s dress watch equivalent, Presage, released two beautiful new enamel dials, like this SPB161. Both of these new watches are inspired by the clocks of famous designer Riki Watanabe. Specifically, the hands and hour markers resemble those from popular Riki clocks. Both are powered by the 6R27 and feature power reserve complications.


It’s also available with this stunning blue dial. They’re each quite reasonably sized at 39.9mm (let’s just say 40) and are priced at $1,300. Expect them June, 2020.

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