New Ressence Type 1 Slim RED

Ressence just announced a new, and very red, version of their hit Type 1 Slim. The Belgian brand, globally renowned for its creativity, after much contemplation, has titled this new model the Type 1 Slim RED. Jokes aside, it was inspired by the brand’s own Type 3 MC, a one-off piece for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Nonetheless, it features several changes from that watch, aside from being the simpler Type 1, of course. Notably, while the Type 3 MC looks to be a similar shade of red, the subdials feature orange and gray accents, whereas this one sticks to a uniform white. I think this version looks quite a bit better as a result, reminding me somewhat of the Swiss flag (despite being designed in Antwerp).

Like other Type 1 Slim models, the RED features an extremely streamlined titanium case, sans crown (instead, setting the watch is facilitated by a lever which extends from the case back). Size-wise, the watch is 42mm in diameter and an extremely impressive 11mm thin. While 11mm itself is normally merely good, but otherwise unremarkable, one must keep in mind that this watch stacks the entire ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System) on top of an automatic movement. The ROCS, the complication which gives Ressence watches their extraordinary orbital dials, is practically another movement by itself, so keeping it just 11mm thin is truly an accomplishment, although one that has been available since the release of the Type 1 Slim generally.

There are differences, of course, the first and most obvious being the intense red dial. There’s a little more to it than that, however. The only other colorful dial currently available in the Type 1 Slim collection is the Type 1N, or Night Blue. That model features a gorgeous blue dial, but in that instance it has a radial brush applied to it where the Ressence appears to be more matte. Also, unlike that watch, the colors of the subdial markings are consistently white, whereas the Night Blue has orange accents. It seems to be more legible than its blue counterpart, and is certainly more eye-catching.

The other change is the matching red strap, which is only available in rubber. This is also a good place to see how the watch is wound and set, via that recessed lever in the back. Thus, a crown is avoided, giving the watch a distinctive and streamlined shape.

One of the things I really enjoy about haute horology, a genre of which Ressence is a leading member, is the ability to completely eliminate any need for discretion in design. I have long gravitated towards understated looks in our own limited edition designs and in my personal collection, but when it comes to a watch like a Ressence, there’s a sense in which flying under the radar is counterproductive. I would not normally consider wearing an intensely red watch, but I would happily do so for the Type 1 RED. It’s kind of like how you wouldn’t contemplate buying a bright yellow sedan, but you would, at the very least, seriously consider it when shopping for a Lamborghini Aventador.

Unlike the other Type 1 Slim models, the RED will only be made through the end of 2021, so if you’re interested I’d suggest inquiring via our page here sooner than later. At $20,600, it costs exactly the same as the other Type 1 Slim models, so if you prefer this color there’s no drawback to it. For myself, I’d have trouble choosing between this color and the blue one, but I think I actually lean towards the RED. I tend to think a watch as exciting as a Ressence needn’t be bothered with subtlety, and I really like the red and white color scheme.

Click here to learn more or to inquire about getting one for your collection.

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