New Super Sea Wolf GMT Watches!

Zodiac finally released two permanent GMT additions to the Super Sea Wolf line of watches! After a run of very popular limited edition Super Sea Wolf GMTs, Zodiac’s finally decided to make the GMT a permanent member of one of its most beloved collections.

We’ll start with the more conventional of the two, the ZO9405. This simple, purpose-driven design is created for extreme clarity in any situation. The bright red GMT hand makes clear that the focus of the watch was going to be its new complication above all else. Aside from that bright red accent, however, the watch is otherwise fairly low-profile.

The ZO9406, conversely, is for those looking for a brighter, bolder design. Its gold-colored two-tone nature, found on the hands, bezel, and bracelet, is certainly eye-catching. The two-tone look also gives it a very slight vintage character, which might be appealing to some. Fortunately, Zodiac doesn’t charge any extra for this model over its sibling, the ZO9406.

Their cases, gold-colored accents aside, are also identical. At 40mm, these Super Sea Wolf GMTs are actually quite practical as an everyday watch size, although if you want to go that route you might want the more understated of the pair. The thickness, however, is a bit on the high side with 14mm. That said, in exchange for that thickness, you still get a dive-friendly 200 meters of water resistance.

Both watches are priced reasonably, as most Zodiacs are, at $1,795.00, so there’s no increase in price to get the gold-colored option. Best of all, neither are limited editions, so Zodiac fans will finally have a guaranteed way of getting a GMT model. You can learn more and inquire about the ZO9405 here, and click here to see more on the ZO9406.

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