New Zenith Chronomaster Revival Liberty

When the original Chronomaster A384 Revival came out, I called it the best chronograph of 2019, a claim I still stand by. Since then, Zenith has expanded on its hit re-release with cool new models like the Shadow, but this has essentially led me to make the next declaration about the watch: this Liberty limited edition is the best new version of the A384. In fact, I like it even more than the original.

The Liberty is, like most limited editions, basically a new color scheme for the watch, but it’s amazing how changing so little can create such an enormous difference. The original A384 remains brilliant and surprisingly tasteful. It’s the rare chronograph that you’d be happy to wear everyday, with the only truly bold attribute being its retro case design. The new Liberty retains that great case, but there’s nothing subtle about this one.

The Liberty name is presumably intended to invoke notions of the United States, hence the red, white, and blue theme and North American exclusivity. Regardless of the national theme of the watch, this design just works. The chronograph seconds hand, for instance, with its white and red striations, reminds me of a lighthouse, and the gentle blue gradient of the dial feels reminiscent of the sea. I even love the bold red-on-white date design (although it might be even better without a date at all). It feels surprisingly nautical to me, although I suspect this is unintentional.

The Liberty’s lovely case remains unchanged, so far as I can tell, from the original, which is absolutely a good thing. Its 37mm steel case is an instance of superb restraint and makes the watch effortlessly daily wearable and accessible to those with smaller wrists. It’s also reasonably thin for an automatic chronograph at 12.6mm, which includes its large box crystal. One thing that has changed, however, is the new blue strap with just a dash of red contrast stitching near the lugs.

The Chronomaster Revival Liberty is very limited with just 150 pieces. Right now a fan of the A384 can choose between a few options, from the subtle, virtually perfect reproduction A384 Revival, to the aggressive all-black Shadow, and now to this colorful new Liberty. My favorite is certainly the liberty, but keep in mind that it is the most expensive of the three at $8,700, the only truly significant mark against it. Whether the supremely good-looking color scheme is worth it or not is something only you can decide, but the good news is that the original A384 Revival and the Shadow are still available if you decide otherwise. Please click the image above to be taken to the product page or call us at 1-800-889-2192 to order yours!

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