New Zenith Chronomaster Sport & Revival A3817

Zenith recently released not one but two new El Primero watches, one representing the brand’s iconic past, and one representing the brand’s future. The Chronomaster Sport may be the hottest watch of 2021, so let’s start with that one.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Chronomaster Sport is a runaway hit. Almost halfway through the year, it’s hard for me to see a situation in which the Chronomaster Sport isn’t the most important watch of 2021. So it’s no surprise that Zenith added a fifth model, this time in rose gold.

At the moment, just the white dial is available in rose gold, but there’s no reason to think that they won’t eventually release the black dial in rose gold too. Otherwise, it’s the same Chronomaster Sport you know and love, with the next-gen El Primero movement inside and a ceramic bezel (which looks quite nice with those gold markings). In fact, the only big difference, aside from the gold case of course, is the price: $21,300, a little more than twice the price of the steel model ($9,500 on strap, or $10,000 on steel).

The other watch, the A3817, is a very interesting offering. It’s based on the original A3817, which was essentially a hybrid of the original 1969 A384 (in this instance, using its unique case) with the iconic dial of the A386, AKA the tri-color dial. It was, therefore, the best of both worlds. There were some small changes relative to the original A386, such as the blued hands and markings on the 9:00 subdial, but these are faithfully reproduced in this Revival model.

In fact, this new watch is almost completely identical to the original, with the exception of the “vintage” beige luminescent accents, so it more closely resembles a 50 year old model than what it would look like if it were brand new. In that sense, it sets itself apart from from the other Revival models, which look like they’re factory fresh (which they are). I’m sure there will be a ton of fans for this new A3817, as the Tri-Color dial is one of the most beloved and recognizable designs in all of watchmaking history, although I think my heart still belongs to the first A384 Revival. Regardless, the price (at least when both are on bracelet) is the same between them: $8,400, so all it means is that Zenith fans, and there are more of those now than ever, just have another great option to choose from. Click here to see all of the newest Zeniths.

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