Nomos Tangente Sport Review

The Tangente Sport is a long-discontinued model that adds a textured dial and luminescent accents to the popular Tangente. Just 5 pieces have been reissued and we’re fortunate enough to have all 5 here, so we’re taking the last chance we’re ever going to get to review one.

The Tangente Sport has always been one of my absolute favorite Nomoses. In fact, we literally specified that one come in our first delivery of Nomoses when we became an authorized dealer several years ago. Sadly, it’s long discontinued and very hard to find.

But we won’t let a little fact like nonexistence get in our way of reviewing the watch, much less making 5 new ones. Oddly enough, this isn’t even the first out of production watch I’ve reviewed, if you’ll recall from my last-gen Jaeger Master Hometime review.

So what is it that we love so much about the Sport that we can’t find in current Nomoses? Well, for starters, it’s that amazing dial. Most Nomoses, and German watches in general, have a very white-colored smooth silver dial, which is quite beautiful in its own right. The Sport, however, has a greyish, rough texture look to it. I adore it.

Then there the hands. Like most Tangentes, they’re heat blued, and to quite dramatic effect, but unlike its brethren, these are luminescent. The thin strip of lume really sets it off, whether day or night.

The numerals and markers are extra bold as well. Also notice the thin luminescent markers behind each hour, including the nonexistent 6:00 marker.

I was really surprised how bright the Sport is. It’s not an amazingly bright watch in the dark, don’t get me wrong, but it seems to be brighter than its tiny amount of lume would suggest.

The 36.5mm case is small, but do remember that Nomoses, almost as a rule, wear larger than you’d expect. I’d say you can treat this as a 38mm.

Behind the steel back lives an old school Alpha movement. We would have loved to put a new Swing System movement in there and a sapphire back like in our Timeless Clubs, but one of the conditions of making these 5 new models is that these be exact reissues. I don’t have an original one to compare them with, but as far as I know, they are 100% identical to the “original” Tangente Sport. Still, if it’s like other Nomoses, the steel back helps make it thinner, and at just 7.5mm thick, this is definitely a lithe watch.

I really wish Nomos would bring this model back and update it. I’d love to see them offer it in two or three different sizes as well.

But it was difficult enough just to get these 5 made, so I rather suspect this is unlikely. As it stands, you’ll just have to make do with the pre-owned market, although even there these are hard to find. We’ve got a few remaining at the time of this writing, but if you’re discovering this article a few weeks or months in the future, you may be out of luck. In the Sport’s absence, I’d suggest the Nomos Ahoi, the sportiest watch Nomos makes, or perhaps the Club (I particularly like the Dunkel)

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