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New Omega Aqua Terra Ultra Light!

Omega just released a wild new Aqua Terra, the new Ultra Light. As the name would imply, this model is aimed at being as light as possible and is intended to be worn by athletes, specifically professional golfers. Apparently, the entire watch weighs 55 grams. Compare this with the famously light Grand Seiko Snowflake, which

Zenith Defy Inventor Review

Zenith has consistently been one of my absolute favorite watch companies for basically two reasons. The first is that they’re aesthetically daring, not afraid to attempt wild, novel designs. The second is that they prioritize movements, particularly high frequency movements, above all else. The Defy Inventor takes both of those traits and runs with them,
The Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 was certainly the most exciting watch to come out of Omega in 2018 and one of the most exciting to come out of Baselworld period. It’s a fascinating combination of a crucial piece of Speedmaster history, the cal. 1861, with the cutting edge material science of

An Introduction to Credor

You may not know it, but Grand Seiko has a rival in Japanese watchmaking. That rival is the well-kept, albeit open, secret that is Credor, another elite brand of Seiko, but despite descending from the same legendary parent, they have very different ideas as to what makes the perfect watch. But before we get into