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No other watch brand in the world has quite the grasp of winter weather as does Grand Seiko. Its legendary Snowflake, the SBGA011 (the original) and the current SBGA211, have become truly iconic, mentioned alongside many of the greatest watches ever made, and are something of a symbol for the Japanese company. Thus, when we
Timeless Luxury Watches is very proud to announce our first limited edition collaboration with Grand Seiko, one of our earliest partners and one of our all-time favorite brands. It’s long been a dream of ours to create a watch with GS and it’s wonderful to finally see the result of that dream in real life.

The New GS SBGE248

Grand Seiko has just released a beautiful new two-tone watch, the SBGE248. This gorgeous watch is a descendant of the incredibly popular SBGE001/SBGE201, but adds a brilliant blue dial and bezel, as well as 18k yellow gold accents. Aside from these changes in color and materials, the SBGE248 retains pretty much everything that made the

GS Blue Snowflake SBGA407 Review

I’ll be the first to admit that Grand Seiko’s strategy with the Snowflake has always been, to put it charitably, mysterious to me. In creating the Snowflake, the brand found its first truly international hit and an icon that may one day rival watches like the Speedmaster or Submariner. Every other brand, like Tudor with