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New GS SBGN009 Quartz LE!

Grand Seiko just released the new SBGN009, a watch designed to honor 50 years of quartz watches. As you already know, Seiko released the first quartz wristwatch, the Astron, in 1969, starting an horological revolution that continues to this day. The blue dial with gold accents features Seiko’s quartz crystal emblems. The gold fourth hand
Thanks to everyone that came to our recent Oris Baselworld Preview Event! Here are a few quick photos we took of Oris’ latest models. We’ll start with everyone’s favorite new Oris, the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III. What a terrific dial. We might do a full review of this one down the road. The
Grand Seiko just announced four beautiful new “Four Seasons” models! As you would guess, each model represents a single season. The SBGA415, which represents winter, may be my favorite of the four. This gorgeous dial, which reminds me of clouds (I guess GS already had snow covered…), will be in titanium and available this September

GS Snowflake SBGA211 Review

Every truly great brand has an iconic model. Omega has its Speedmaster, Rolex its Submariner, and AP its Royal Oak, but for Grand Seiko, it’s the Snowflake. No piece has come to represent the legendary Japanese watch brand more than this, and that’s saying something. The Snowflake not only had to surpass its own spring