Seven Great Watches for the Holidays

Your big holiday get-together is fast approaching, but if you haven’t found a present for the watch lover in your life, worry not, we can still get the watch to you by the 25th if you order by December 23rd! Every watch collector would be thrilled to find one of these in their stocking.

The first watch on our list is the now-famous Tudor Black Bay, and specifically in this red variety (although the Blue model would do quite well too). The Black Bay has established itself as one of the preeminent dive watches available today, but its more colorful versions, like this one, have a distinctively casual vibe that make them especially charming. In addition to all of this, it even has a winter-weather connection–the hands are often called “snowflake hands” because of their distinctive crystalline shape. You can pick this particular Black Bay up for $3,400, but make sure to look around our Tudor case because there are many other varieties to enjoy.

Moving on now to what many consider to be the ultimate winter watch, the legendary Grand Seiko Snowflake. The main association with cold weather is obvious: the gorgeous, and famous, dial that perfectly resembles gentle snowdrifts, so beautiful that it will fascinate the wearer for years. But there is a second, more subtle reason that it’s called the Snowflake, and that’s that the case is made from super lightweight titanium, giving it the motto “as light as a snowflake.” The fact that the watch is among the most accurate in the world and exquisitely well made don’t hurt its reputation, either. You can pick up a Snowflake (AKA the SBGA211) for $5,800.

For watch collectors worldwide, this watch needs no introduction. This, of course, is the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, a timeless classic that not coincidentally has the unique distinction of being the first watch on the moon. While the Moonwatch has no obvious winter connection, its appeal to watch enthusiasts is so universal that it’s an ideal gift for any occasion. Although the Speedmaster is sporty, it’s sufficiently understated and classic that it can be worn almost anywhere, and you can get one in time for the holidays for $5,350.

For the absolute most difficult to please watch enthusiast in your life, worry not: Vacheron Constantin is here to help. Vacheron Constantin is easily one of the most prestigious watch brands of all-time, and models like this Historiques American 1921 demonstrate why. An avant-garde dial, a cushion case and Breguet hands make this all-platinum watch remarkably unique, and Vacheron’s unbelievable levels of quality and finishing mean that there’s just as much substance as there is style. You can put one under your tree this year for $43,100.

But perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more lighthearted and merry, and that’s where the Nomos Metro comes in. This Metro 38 (reference 1109) combines very tasteful German design (indeed, this watch has won multiple design awards) by Mark Braun with playful red and blue accents to lighten the mood. Its moderate 38.5mm size and thin 8mm case make it almost effortless to wear, too. Despite these great qualities, the Nomos Metro 38 costs only $2,560.

Next we have the sportiest watch on our list, the incredible TAG Heuer Monaco Heuer 02. The history of racing and this watch, a favorite of screen legend Steve McQueen, are forever connected, a pedigree that the car enthusiast and watch collector will both enjoy. Better yet, this version of the Monaco boasts an in-house Heuer 02 movement with an amazingly long 80 hour power reserve. You can add this TAG Heuer to your collection for $5,950.

Last, but far from least, we have the IWC Portugieser (often just called the Portuguese) Automatic, one of the iconic watchmaker best-known models. The Portuguese is great for those with larger wrists, as well as those who appreciate fine Swiss movements. The understated styling is never boring, but if you’re not a fan of the silver and gold combination, worry not, there are many other versions available. Most impressive of this watch is not its good looks, however, but rather its unbelievably long 7 day power reserve, one of the longest of any automatic watch in the world! The Portuguese Automatic is available for $12,700, but order by the 23rd so we can get it to you on time!

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