Three New Limited Edition Nomos Watches!

Nomos just released three new limited edition versions of their ever-popular Club line of watches to commemorate 175 years of watchmaking in Glashutte, Germany. While Nomos is far younger than the advent of watchmaking in the region, it has perhaps done more to make the unique vision of German design, both in terms of horology and aesthetics, accessible and popular to the masses in the last 20 years than any single other brand.

We’ll begin with my favorite, the Club Automatic Onyx, AKA the 753.S1. This watch is somewhat reminiscent of the cult classic Club Dunkel, probably the first Club watch to really put the then-lesser known collection on the map. As the name implies, it features a black dial, but what sets it apart from the other two released today is the addition of the bracelet, which I love. This does mean the price increases slightly relatively to the others, at $2,920, but as always, Nomos offers a very competitive value.

Switching now to a strap, and a somewhat more accessible price, we look at the Club Automatic Navy, or the 753.S2. This watch features a very dark blue dial, and although its sans-red accents, I can’t help but feel some attachment to this one as it reminds me of our first ever limited edition watch, the Timeless Club. Like the other two, it has a very reasonably sized 40mm case that’s just 9.7mm thick, very impressive at this price point for an automatic.

That brings us to the last, but perhaps most interesting, of the three, the Club Automatic Olive, or more clinically, the 753.S3. Once again priced quite reasonably at $2,620, this model features a dark green dial that matches its name quite well. It gives the Club a borderline rugged or militaristic look, which is not something we often associate with the German brand. Also interesting is the inclusion of the light-colored strap.

Inside is the DUW 5001, which, while quite commonly found in Nomos watches, sets itself apart by being adjusted according to chronometer standards, making these three among the most accurate Nomos watches you can buy. It doesn’t hurt that it’s quite beautiful, as well. You can find them all, as well as pre-order them, right here in our Latest Nomos section. Be sure to move quickly though, as only 175 are being made, and as the last Lambda release showed, these can disappear extremely quickly.

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